Writing Brings Clarity

“For me, writing has become prayers that say, `Great Spirit, return to us our freedom, our land, and our lives. We are thankful for the present from which to learn how to be thankful for the past, and how to be hopeful for the future.”

–Barney Bush

When I began my recovery journey it was suggested that every morning I spend some time in “prayer and meditation.”  I took that advice seriously and have been diligent in practicing this daily discipline. I have been consistent with this practice for three decades and have no plans to ever stop.  As time went on in my process, I learned that adding positive affirmations to my daily disciplines, I have followed that advice since 1998. Through the years, it was suggested that I utilize journaling as a tool for my recovery, for clarity and a way to express my feelings, thoughts, and answers to the challenges I face(d).   

Quite frankly, I interpreted the concept of journaling as writing a diary.  It wasn’t until 1991 when I returned to school that I began to write out my thoughts.  From that point on, I fluctuated in my approach from spending time behind a computer or legal pad and simply writing out what was going on in my life and how I would address the challenges.  Later in the process, I began writing a daily “Blog.” The blog was informational but truthfully it was usually in response to challenges and the solutions I was applying in my life at the time.  

I found that writing freed up my thinking, it allows me to seek the solution and put that solution into practice.  It was a log of my commitment converted to action in my life. It is relieving, stress-reducing, and proactive to write.  This is not a replacement for a sponsor or mentor it is in addition to utilizing my support system. Often, the solution(s) were or are the direct result of the direction I receive(d) from these supports.  Writing is freedom, informed writing is spiritual!

Go, go, go…