A Beacon of Hope

In Ohio, a concerning statistic reveals that 19 individuals lose their lives daily to suicide or drug overdose. This alarming rate underscores a pressing need for a proactive approach to mental health, moving beyond reactive measures. Recognizing this urgent necessity, The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center has embarked on a groundbreaking mental health study, … Read more

Life in Recovery: Finding the Right Words

Recovery from addiction or alcoholism is filled with pivotal conversations – whether it’s opening up to a sponsor, making amends with a loved one, or even just asserting your own needs. It’s really difficult to find the right words in those important moments. I often leave a conversation kicking myself over everything I should have … Read more

Anxiety got you?

Anxiety is a common mental health condition that affects millions of people worldwide. While prescription drugs like Xanax, which belong to a class of drugs called benzodiazepines, can be effective in treating anxiety, they are also associated with numerous side effects. They can be challenging to get off of once someone becomes dependent. Furthermore, benzodiazepines … Read more

Why Recover?

Abstaining from alcohol and other drugs can have numerous benefits, particularly for individuals with a history of alcohol or drug-related troubles. This article will discuss why abstinence can be an effective strategy for people struggling with addiction or other substance use disorders. Abstaining from alcohol and drugs can help individuals break the cycle of addiction. … Read more

Stairway to Recovery

“You can’t always see the top of the staircase so just look for the first step.” -Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr Overcoming addiction (alcoholism) is simple, but not easy. Most people have a fear of labeling themselves or being labeled an addict or alcoholic. It is a natural response, we are losing what we believe … Read more


If we do not try, we will not know. -Ayya Khema, Be An Island Whenever I run a group on making the decision to recover from addiction, I always do an exercise in front of the group with a volunteer.  I ask the participant to try to take a coin out of my hand.  Ultimately, … Read more

In God’s Hands

It means really leaving the problem in God’s hands and not reaching out and taking the problem back to ourselves. Second, having given our drink problem to God, we must cooperate with Him by doing something about it ourselves. Am I doing these two things? Twenty-Four Hours a Day by Hazelden Foundation Over the years … Read more

Truth or Fiction?

I am loyal in my attendance, generous in my giving, kind in my criticism, creative in my suggestions, loving in my attitudes. Twenty-Four Hours a Day. Over the years I have heard so many “Truths,” “Facts,” “Musts,” in our Mutual Support Fellowship and quite frankly, there were times that not only did I believe them, … Read more

A colleague recently asked me: “What prompted you to enter behavioral health/social work?”

My response, “My family impressed upon me the need in our lives for community service. Helping others is essential aspect of our lives. Community and family are one!” He responded, “So it was really an internal/natural desire to help people, right?” Me, “Yes coupled with our family belief system.” We live in a complicated world, … Read more

The Stigma Fallacy

I have read the articles, heard the narrative, and it goes like this. We would never blame a patient with a serious medical condition for their condition the way we blame the addict or alcoholic for addiction or alcoholism. Or would we? How about a diabetic with a sugar relapse, or an overweight smoker after … Read more