You are Who You Hang With Most

“But we aren’t a glum lot”.  — Big Book

If you want to know who you are, simply look around at your closest friends and you will get a good picture of yourself. When we begin to recover we feel like we are giving up so much by alleviating alcohol and illicit drugs and of course today I must add designer drugs. We feel like we are destined to live a boring life free of enjoyment. However, it is often pointed out that the clubs we frequented or the pubs we knew everyone and their brother at where places that would not miss us and honestly were detrimental to our sanity and sobriety.

I remember a friend share one day that he was walking to the paint store from his car and as he was passing the bar he had frequented in years past, an old friend came out the front door. He looked at Jimmy and said, “hey Jimmy how are you? That was some crazy crap here last night huh?” Jimmy laughed and thought to himself, I haven’t been in there in years and this guy thinks he saw me last night! They really don’t miss me…

But once we break free of those influences, who do we hang with especially when we are young? Are we with the folks that get to the group a bit early, help set up? Or do we roll in late and sit in the back, sending texts to people that did not get to the meeting? Are we spending time with people that want to advance in life and fulfill their calling in life? Or are we hanging with the folks that are negative, dull and disillusioned? Look around you, who are you hanging with? Are they congruent with who you want to become? If not make some changes and be the person you truly are deep down. Stick with the winners, because “Winners Win”!

Go, Go, Go…

Dan 🙂