What about Love?

“One word frees us from the weight and pain of life; that word is love.” –Sophocles
Recently, I met with a person that was sharing about his divorce and he said “my wife didn’t know how to love me”. I was reading a short paper on love and fear just a few days prior. The writer suggested that people live in fear because they did not get what they needed as a child. The messages they needed to hear simply were not sent. They needed to hear “you are good”, “you are wanted” the list went on…

There is little doubt that how we are raised plays a role in how we mature and behave as adolescents and into adulthood. But healing comes through building new messages within. Healing comes by intentionally hearing the right messages. I remember speaking with Diana Nightingale an author, healer and of course the widow of Earl Nightingale. She spoke about Earl’s childhood and how he did not regret it. She said he was a happy kid and that living in poverty did not matter to him the way we would think. She said as an adult he looked for the positive lessons he needed to live healthy and balanced. He chose to remember and embrace love.

As we recover it is apparent that we all have challenges, we all have had our share of messages that we can interpret as we are not loved or cared for. We think we are the pin cushion and broken from within. However, that is just our interpretation. Today we can search for a new meaning of the experiences that seem to hold us back. For me I choose to look for the good within, the good times I experienced in my youth. Today I am loved by the most important person for me in the world to be loved by, “ME”.

Love starts within, it is an inside job. Where our focus goes energy flows, so focus on self love, then love of others and grow, grow, grow…

Dan 🙂