We’re Not Strangers to Drastic Measures

I am fortunate to have the friends I have met all across the world both face to face and via internet social websites.  Hope is a recovered lady with a wonderful family, she is committed to God, Family and Recovery, Life is Good!  I asked her to write a Blog for us and she has, I hope you enjoy it as much as I appreciate it!

Go, Go, Go…

Dan 🙂

In active addiction, we purposed to find a way to get our next drug/drink, no matter the cost, either by not paying utility bills, rent, car payments, or by pawning titles to cars, televisions, and jewelry, and onto stealing, manipulating, and prostituting…. whatever the cost by whatever means possible.

If we, as addicts, went to such extremes to get high, then why do we find it difficult to go to extreme lengths to remain clean and sober today?

Today, addicts/alcoholics have an awesome support system if they truly desire to recover. There is an alcoholics anonymous and/or narcotics anonymous meeting in just about every city and town in the United States of America. There are also Christian recovery meetings forming at many churches across the United States, such as Celebrate Recovery. Finally, if alcoholics/addicts find it difficult to get to a meeting outside of our homes, there are online meetings which occur daily at places such as OneRecovery.com. Therefore, if we, as addicts, truly wish to recover, we really have less drastic measures to take then we did when we were looking for our next fix. So, the only question that remains for us is, “Are we really ready to stop the insanity?” Are we really ready to stop doing the same actions over and over again that have caused our lives to become unmanageable while we awaited a different result each time? There is a passage in the Big Book which says, “We hit rock bottom when we stop digging.” Are we ready to stop digging today? If so, here are a few good resources you can link to for assistance.

www.aa.org (Official Alcoholics Anonymous Site)

www.na.org (Official Narcotics Anonymous Site

http://www.celebraterecovery.com/ (Official Celebrate Recovery Site)

http://www.rehabilitation-center.org/blog/make-it-a-positive-day/ (Rehabilitation Blog- Dan Callahan)

www.myspace.com/recoveryandbeyond (Recovery and Beyond- Hope Guest)

https://www.onerecovery.com/ (OneRecovery- Online Meetings)

You may also feel free to contact me at recoveryandbeyond@yahoo.com with further questions about additional sites.

May your journey be a blessed one!

In Love & Faith,

Hope Guest