Weathering the storm

Our whole approach to recovery is focusing on what we want and where we are heading.  Focusing on our problems brings more of the same.  It is not rocket science, everywhere you turn these days there is a guru that will tell you the same thing.  Focus on what you want.  If you focus on your bills or the debt you are in, that is what you will get, debt!  If you focus on divorce, guess what you will get?

In the field of addiction recovery there is a propensity and quite frankly a necessity to “look back”.  In 12 step programs it would be the 4th and 5th step and the 8th and 9th step.  These steps are absolutely critical to a life long and fulfilling recovery.  They are steps that are taken for two reasons; 1) as an inventory of our actions for the means to amend those actions. 2) as a cleansing of the mind and spirit.  They are not lifelong steps, they are meant to be taken and then shaken!

Step 10 is the gateway to long term balance. Taking a daily inventory and if we have hurt another individual an immediate amends is called for and “Gratitude”.  An inventory is both good decisions and actions as well as the bad decisions or actions we have made during the past 24 hours.

So what do I mean about “Weathering the Storm”?  It is simple (not easy) it is focusing on what I want, focusing on where I am going, focusing on the good in me, my gratitude and taking one step at a time towards my goals and dreams.

Jack Canfield author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, says in the DVD “The Secret” (which I highly recommend you watch at least 30 times in 30 days, you can find it at We all have challenges in our lives, we have all had the bad breaks, { that includes alcoholism and drug addiction challenges}, there is a list a mile long of what people endure in their formative years.  In fact, the gurus you see, read and/or hear about, the odds are that they have weathered these same storms and overcome them.  That is why they are the gurus, they have walked the walk that they talk!  Jack calls those issues, “So What”!!!

Bottom line is , focus on what you want, set goals and dreams, take an inventory, and part of that inventory is “Gratitude” for what we have and/or accomplished, and walk with your head held high with a mission to accomplish!

Be Blessed,
Dan Callahan 🙂