Video Blog!

Welcome to our newest feature, The Last Resort Recovery, Video Blog!   We intend to increase our video production into a teaching series on topics of recovery, life, relationships, mentorship, Spirituality and much, much, more.  We will slowly be adding video’s to our Blog pages.  We will post our videos on and a video Blogging platform that we will announce soon.  As with our written Blogs we will keep them as short as possible in order to be informative, interesting and enjoyable.


If you are familiar with our recovery program and Blog you know that we believe in the power of positive thinking, gratitude as an attitude, living life to it’s fullest, and we believe recovery is a way of life and not simply abstinence from alcohol and illicit drugs.

A significant area of our teaching is to take caution in our spoken words.  We believe it is important to be cautious with our thoughts and words.  “I can’t” is a term that we simply cannot afford to have in our vocabulary.  When it comes to the “Recovered Life” we look for the ideal which is the realization that our thinking has transformed from, “I can’t drink or drug”’ to “I AM LIVING A HAPPY, HEALTHY, PROSPEROUS, CLEAN AND SOBER LIFE”!

So what is in a name?  At first glimpse especially to the outsider it sounds as if we are suggesting that the last resort is a persons last resort!  However, The Last Resort Recovery is a positive way to state to the world that I live the “Recovered Life” in a positive state, my “Resort”!  It is the Last “Resort” I will ever need to attend!   Why, I’ll tell you why!  Because, I have Faith, Courage and Enthusiasm for life!

Go, Go, Go…

Dan 🙂

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