Together We Can

We must all hang together or we will hang separately. —Ben Franklin

Recovery begins with “you.” But recovery is sustained by “We!” Quite simply, we do not get through life let alone recovery alone. Many of us on our journey have this irrational idea that being “left alone” and even deeper being alone on an island is what we need. But the truth is we all need each other to live happy and productive lives.

Sure, some people are introverted and prefer some semblance of isolation, but total isolation is not in our best interest. Our mental health certainly suffers. Getting into our own heads, being our own guide is challenging to say the least. The Oxford Dictionary of Proverbs says, “A man who is his own lawyer has a fool for his client.” In recovery terms, the person that tries to recover alone has a…

One thing that plays out in my mind about my early days in recovery is a message from my sponsor George. He said, “If you want what we have, do what we do!” I truly wanted it, I wanted, peace of mind, happiness, joy, respect from my family, friends, and employers, coworkers, or employees.

Life is Goooood!!!!