To love and to be loved…

“There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved”

– George Sand

When I am teaching I always ask, “who wants to be happy”?  I have never had anyone say, “no not me, I love misery and pain.  I do not want to go there with the happiness”!  Yet once in a while I will have someone say, “oh boy Mr. Happy again”!  The difference is we all want happiness but thinking about what we need to do to be happy gets overwhelming for us.  Folks in early recovery see the work ahead and believe happiness will allude them.   I remember one day at a meeting early on in my journey the speaker shared that he was not promised anything other than if he didn’t drink he wouldn’t get drunk.
When I left that meeting my sponsor said to me although I understand what the speaker was attempting to point out do not believe it.  There are promises in AA and they promise you a new freedom and a new happiness if you work for them.  Always remember that and don’t ever forget it!  My sponsor was right we all want happiness we all want freedom we all want to be loved and to love.  If the only thing you had to look forward to was a day to day life, simply enduring life it would be a sad state of affairs.  Life is meant to be enjoyed.  Live, Love Learn, one day at a time!
Go, Go, Go…
Dan 🙂