“It is time to make the time.”  — Henry Dumas

I heard someone say that he needs 28 hours in a day that 24 just will not do.  I certainly understand what he is suggesting.  However, we all have the same 24 hours daily, 1,440 minutes each and every day.  It is what we do with those minutes and hours that matter.  Do we invest them or do we waste them?  Do we have a routine with our priorities built in?  These are the keys to having a fulfilled lifestyle.  Developing and having daily disciplines based on our priorities will keep the stress level down and our day productive.

Early on in recovery when people hear the suggestion about going to 90 meetings in the first 90 days to get a foundation built for their recovery people often balk.  Of course I do not want to minimize the importance of their lives or devalue their priorities.  Yet, when they honestly begin to appraise their time management they begin to see that they indeed do have the time and can schedule the meetings into their lives.  Often the most vocal individual becomes the one that volunteers to make the coffee, or set up the meeting early.  In fact they are usually the ones that do not want to give the commitment up after they have fulfilled it.  They become the coffee maker!

Life is good especially when we plan our time and keep the feathers unruffled!

Go, Go, Go…

Dan 🙂