The Needle and the Damage Done…

Neil Young song a song in the 70’s “Needle and the Damaga Done”. But what if the damage has nothing to do with substance abuse? What if my impulsive behaviors have created hurt feelings or worse yet, some real damage? The same rules apply, use your tools, start with step 10 recognize, admit, amend and apologize. Make sure you talk to your mentors about what you have learned and what measures you need to use to truly amend your behavior. Use the information in your reflection to avoid the decisions that created the challenge. Then move on, focus on what is right, focus on what matters, focus on where you are going…. Beating yourself up does absolutely no good, it creates paralysis and heads you towards more unwanted results.

Put what you want in front of you, keep it there and go seize it….

You are a winner,

Dan 🙂