The Joy of Living

Life is meant to be enjoyed and not to be endured.  Jack Jackson

1) To truly enjoy life you must change the way you think.  We must become possibility thinkers.  We need to look for the positive first!  How do we accomplish this in such a negative world?  One way is to study, read, and listen to uplifting and positive books and audio programs.  Turn your car into a self improvement library.

2) We must then make the decision to change and live in congruence with that decision.

3) Being humble and a giver is a great way to create happiness in your life.  One way to do this is to do something good for someone and tell no one.

4) Make writing a gratitude list a habit; A to Z or 1 to 100, have an attitude of gratitude.

5) Live the ABC’s.  A is Always be Positive,  B is Be a Student of Life, and C is Cheerlead Others!

6) Be a loving and grateful communicator.  Use a personal touch, write letters to people family and friends, use the mail and not always email.

7) Always tell family and friends you love them.  Do not save the praise and display of affection and love to those that really matter, your family!

8) When you are wrong, apologize promptly.  Do not let the sun go down on a wrong committed.  We all make mistakes, we all repeat mistakes, but we can not afford resentment!  Whether we are the “Resentor” or the “Resentee”, do not let it happen.  It is the great Joy stealer and killer!

9) Restraint of pen and tongue.  I must say that over the years when I follow this practice I make better choices and decisions.  This is a  lesson learned from one of our most popular Presidents in history.  President Lincoln on more than one occasion wrote some scathing letters.  After failure at Gettysburg he wrote to General George Meade a doozey for not engaging Lee and his Army as ordered.  This action allowed Lee’s Army to escape and prolonged the Civil War.  Lincoln never sent the letter.

10) Save 10% of what you earn.  Sure money is not everything however the lack of money creates an enormous amount of unnecessary stress.  Having a prudent reserve is rewarding.

11) Spend less then you earn.  We live in a time where there are so many advantages and technology that makes life simpler and enjoyable.  However, in exchange for our joy it is not worth it.  I have a friend on Long Island, his wife makes his daughters clothing, they do not have cable or satellite television.  They have movie time with their children.  They borrow DVD’s from the public library.   The point is not that we should deprive ourselves but an evaluation of what we need as opposed to what we think we need!  Enough said about money.

12) Be around positive uplifting people because like attracts like.  My friends dad used to say if you want to know what you are take a good look at your friends.  That is a good indication of you and your character!  Choose your friends and influence’s wisely!

13) Be a “Hugger”!  Showing affection to your friends and family via the hug is giving and accepting Joy!

Go, Go, Go…

Dan 🙂