Recovery v. Treatment

Big Man, this is a reply to your post about the “alcoholic condition being lifted”. At meetings, more and more, I hear that the “alcoholic mind” remains delusional forever, regardless that you are no longer drinking and activating your alcoholism. This, to me, goes against everything I believe AA stands for. I hear often that … Read more

The chains of habit…

“Chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken.” — Warren Buffett No matter whether you believe addiction is a disease or a habit of sorts the recreational use of alcohol or drugs often if not always occurs prior to the onset of abuse or dependence. I … Read more

Pain Pill Dependence Treatment…

I recently read an article in the NY Daily News on Ray Lucas the former NY Jet QB, about his addiction to pain pills. The article raised the question: “Do traditional recovery models work for athletes who become addicted to painkillers during the course of their careers? This is one of the main challenges the … Read more

Recovery integration with treatment, effective or ineffective?

Recently the National Treatment Agency a United Kingdom agency, released a report on its findings for drug treatment and recovery in 2010 – 2011. The agency found that the integration of recovery into treatment is integral to successful completion of the treatment stay and minimizes returns to treatment. Throughout the United States agencies have long … Read more

The Herrington Recovery Center

Rogers Memorial Hospital The Herrington Recovery Center was founded by Dr. Roland Herrington, one of the early leaders in the field of addiction medicine. Today, Dr. Michael M. Miller, who studied under Dr. Herrington, serves as medical director for Herrington. With more than 30 years of experience in addiction treatment, Dr. Miller is on the … Read more

Into Action Treatment Center

The rehabilitation from alcohol and drug dependence for individuals afflicted has been around for well over a century here in the United States. Of course the challenge of alcoholism and addiction has been plaguing mankind for much longer than that however, rehabilitation as it is today has revolved and evolved from a religious perspective, to … Read more


I read an article on the state of the $25 Billion addiction treatment industry yesterday in Treatment Magazine. They discussed the fragmentation of the industry and how it works against itself in spite of itself. Personally I have witnessed many agency target the names of their competitors for paid Google searches. Seems pretty dirty to … Read more