Tomorrow is Thanksgiving

As we close in on the USA Celebration of Thanksgiving lets quickly put to rest the incredible now killer, “Tomorrow”. Make it a point to create an attitude of gratitude Now! I am reading “The Success Principles” by Jack Canfield with Janet Switzer. Which reminds me of Jack and his colleague Mark Victor Hansen the … Read more

Are You a Survivor or a Thriver?

When it comes to your recovery what is it that you focus on? Simply not drinking and drugging or is there more? Most people that are in recovery entered the process due to the pain that using drugs or alcohol attracted to their lives. But once the cork is put back into the jug what … Read more

Weathering the storm

Our whole approach to recovery is focusing on what we want and where we are heading.  Focusing on our problems brings more of the same.  It is not rocket science, everywhere you turn these days there is a guru that will tell you the same thing.  Focus on what you want.  If you focus on … Read more