Suffer or Overcome!

Although the world is full of suffering, it is full also of the overcoming of it.  Helen Keller

Overcoming addiction and active alcoholism is a phenomenal fete.  People die of this malady daily, it affects thousands of lives across this great country of ours.  Recently, I wrote a story on CNN’s I-Promote.  In the article I shared about my challenges with the law as a teenager.  I mentioned that I had been charged with several armed robberies and that I was extremely fortunate to have been able to make a plea arrangement that convicted me of two separate felonies.

A gentleman read the article and commented that sharing my story was nothing to be proud of.  He stated that I did not pay my full debt to society due to the plea arrangement.   Now of course I disagree with this thinking model, however, I certainly can see his point of view.  People must be held accountable for their actions.  However, by the same token a combination of both offers people the opportunity for amends, growth and to truly become a productive member of our communities.

Overcoming addiction is tough, it is work, but it is not as difficult as we sometimes make it out to be.  It is a choice to suffer or get well.  Once we are introduced to another way of living a new way of thinking if we take action we will recover.  After completion of the 9th step in the program of Alcoholics Anonymous there are promises.  Those promises will always materialize if you work for them.  Anything less, suffer well!

Go, Go, Go…

Dan 🙂