Starting the Day Right!

There are three basic rules of success, Rule number one, Always Be Positive. Rule number Two, Always Be Positive. Rule number Three, Always Be Positive.

Many folks hear statements like these and turn a deaf ear. They conjure up images of some pretentious geek playing Mr. Happy! If that is what you think then please stop and reconsider. Positive-ity is a state of mind that a majority of us need to consciously work on. We are conditioned to think negative. Many people have an alternative term to justify negativity. They call it constructive thinking. They say you must challenge all thought, suggestion and theory with critical thinking!

What a load of bad B.S. (“Belief System”, Dan Ohler)! Obviously we all must “Stop, Look and Listen” for the train when we cross the railroad. However, we must be cautious about sending down the crossing warning signal prematurely.

So what does one do to acquire a positive mental attitude? An attitude of gratitude that is not sickening and pretentious. First start the day off in a positive tone. Personally, my day starts with “The Strangest Secret” by Earl Nightingale. I have my CD alarm set for 7 AM daily with the full version set to play. I listen to the CD for a full hour it plays nearly two full times through. Here are some additional suggestions many I use, add as many as you can you are not limited to one:

1) Up lifting positive music.
2) Prayer with praise and thanksgiving.
3) Daily meditation or spiritual book.
4) If you live with your life partner a hug and a kiss and an uplifting comment to them.
5) If you have children a hug and a kiss and an encouraging word.
6) Yes to life! I hit the shower to; I’m alive I’m awake and I feel great!
7) A good healthy breakfast.
8) An expectation of a positive and productive day.
9) A moment of reflection for everything I am grateful for receiving and accepting.

Expect a positive outcome and you will achieve positive results. Focus on the negative or constructive thought process, well as they say, “Suffer Well”!


Dan ☺