“Rehabs.org Preferred Treatment Center”

I take care to share positive uplifting information, recovery experience and industry trends. I am a partner with my son and friends we manage two highly regarded industry sites Rehab-Programs.org and Rehabs.org.

Rehab-Programs.org is a site committed to bringing State specific information for addiction, drug abuse, chemical dependency, drug information and trends to those searching for treatment for addiction.

Rehabs.org offers detailed profiles and reviews of treatment centers throughout the United States. The Mission is to eradicate intentional undeserved damaging information of treatment providers specifically in the addiction treatment system.

After extensive research we found a prevalence of mis-information that seems to be the result of three significant factors: * Disgruntled employees, * Clients that have left treatment Against Staff or Medical Advice, or * Unscrupulous marketing ploys. It is our belief that the internet is a valuable tool however it is does not always offer the most reliable information. Therefore it is not an appropriate tool for the resolution of differences or accusations. This is simply due to the fact that every State has a regulating agency for grievances where reliable evidence and dialogue can be presented, heard and adjudicated when necessary.

Our aim is to provide addicts, alcoholics and those afflicted with co-occurring disorders a non-biased place to locate reliable credible information for choosing a Treatment Center, Outpatient Clinic or other Therapeutic assistance such as Interventions.

It is with this in mind that Rehabs.org decided to recognize the outstanding treatment centers throughout the country for their contributions to people affected by addiction, their communities, and the industry as a whole. The criteria laid down for the coveted “Preferred Treatment Center Award” is based on critical 3 factors that defines a great program. Centers are selected that are aesthetically exemplary, provides exceptional “best practices” therapies, and centers active in the community as well as other relevant factors.

All qualified centers are awarded an official and copyrighted seal for their agency website that distinguishes the agency as a “Rehabs.org Preferred Treatment Center”, more importantly it distinguishes the agency as a “go-to” source for addiction treatment, information, and services.

Rehabs.org has recently announced their first recipients of the “Preferred Treatment Center Award” naming:

Counseling & Recovery Center, a Florida District 15 treatment agency is lead by Jill Arnold, the Executive Director. The Counseling & Recovery Center provides comprehensive treatment services to assist their clients to develop the appropriate skills to recover from alcoholism and/or addiction.