Recovery Forum

My grandparents were part of the industrial age in the world’s history. They raised my parents to think and live within the rules of that multi generational stage of our history.
Somewhere between then and now the world shifted to what is now termed the information age. Yes there are numerous generations within this stage of our history as well. But never before in our history have we been able to work as efficiently.

Computerization has taken over the ineffectiveness of paper and other manual systems. The Internet has changed the way we live our lives today. We shop on it, we study, we learn, we make friends, communicate much more effectively and much more.

If you utilize the Internet and email at all you are aware of some of the inconveniences of this great medium. With this awesome potential comes potential difficulty. Some of the challenges are extreme and some of them gnats on a summer evening!

Heck if you have children you have some concern about the use of the Internet by them. Predators lurk, kids behind a computer will say things that they would not have the courage to say in front of their peers. Then there are those folks that for whatever reason that need to develop and spread computer viruses.

Of course there are the little things like spam mail. I am getting a bit of a complex I get Viagra offers daily! Personally I just delete the junk as I go. But, we do mailers to churches, social workers, human service agencies, and other referral sources as well. You would not believe how some of the people in the helping profession handle junk mail! The things they write back to me have had me think what the heck is this person thinking! Hit delete buddy! We are sending you an informational release for those you serve.

In recovery, the social network scene has become a blessing. Meetings, availability to talk to another recovered person, help, friendship, love and more abound. But with the good comes the bad. Heck in the same way it is easier for our children to say things they couldn’t say face to face with a peer of the opposite sex. It is that much easier for an adult to do the same, only with the latest Amway product, or miracle drug or the system that runs itself and makes you rich! For doing nothing! Or maybe you just don’t want to be bombarded with the next Mob War or whatever request right when you need some serious information!

Well it is in that spirit that the Recovery Forum exists. A place to go to share, care, make friends, yes you can offer your services but services that add value to our world. We expect services that enhance the recovered person’s growth or enhance their recovery experience. If you want to share your experience strength and hope the Recovery Forum is for you. If you have ideas, or products to offer run them by us, we will listen. If you are in recovery, support folks that are or you just want the support of those of us that have recovered, please come join us at