Raid of the Home of a Colombian Drug Dealer — Incredible!!!

We see this stuff once in awhile, a DEA agent or in this case the Colombian Policia and Marina (Military) raids a home to find paraphernalia.    But this is ridiculous.  I have attached the photos for you.  There are so many ways in the world to earn money legitimately why cause all of the harm that selling narcotics does to the world, primarily the United States and put yourself at such risk?  I see the millions of dollars and Colombian Pesos stacked everywhere the difficulty of recirculating that money especially in a Country that does not utilize the US Dollar as it’s currency creates a huge set of challenges in and of itself.

Surely it makes a great story for the movies and in real life the media eats it all up.  But, what does this say for our world?  What do you think?  Will we as a world or more specifically in the United States ever stop this?