Opportunity to Grow

“We are all faced with a series of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as insoluble problems.”  — John W. Gardner

It is all in how we look at our challenges that allow us to mature.  We can either go through it kicking and screaming or grow through it enjoying the journey!  Addiction is a nightmare, it is cunning and baffling.  Addiction steals our ability to think clearly, to act prudently and rationally.   In the process of recovery we must first break the chain.  We need to step out of the pattern of use and abuse.  Sometimes that is a detox, retreat or rehab program.  We need to get away to a safe place a haven from the storm.

Once we have cleared the initial hurdle we must gather all the facts.  Are alcohol and or drugs effecting my life negatively, permanently and is it leading to a fatal ending?  Am I happy with the way I am living?  What do I truly want out of my life?  Am I who I want to be, do and have in life?  If the answer to these questions does not satisfy you then maybe a change is in order!  What is the change?  Well practically everything.  We must begin the process to change the way we think.  In order to do that we must make the decision to eradicate our use, abuse and behavior.

We take the opportunity to grow and develop into who we truly are, what we want to become in life.  We look forward and begin the journey.  We get prepared to face the temptations, we develop strategies and skills that ward off the traps, frustrations and disillusionment.  He begin to have hope, the hope that leads to peace of mind, happiness and freedom from the bondage of addiction.

Recovery is an opportunity to grow, seize the opportunity!

Go, Go, Go…

Dan 🙂