Nothing is Impossible!

When I got sober my friend Tommy G gave me a book called the Be Happy Attitudes by Dr. Robert Schuller. The book was awesome it was a spiritual book based on the Beatitudes, that guided you to a better life, a way to overcome any challenge and live with purpose. I used that book for quite a while and read it for a refresher when needed.

A few years ago someone sent me a Robert Schuller quote that lead me to his website where I located the following Top-Ten List reminding me that Nothing is Impossible. I read them in my morning meditation every day! I want to share them with you and each day comment on one each day for the next ten days! Enjoy…

1. I will vote “yes” to an idea even if “it’s impossible.”

2. I will never block a helpful thought because it entails problems, or wait to begin until I find solutions.

3. I will welcome a possibility even if I’ve never done it before or can’t imagine how it could be done.

4. I will design my plan to lessen the risk of failure.

5. I will cooperate in supporting a potentially good idea even if I can see something wrong with it.

6. I will never squelch a creative idea because no one else has ever succeeded in perfecting it.

7. I will declare any constructive concept to be possible even though I lack the time, money, brains, energy, talent, or skill to explore it.

8. I will never discard a plan or project just because it’s imperfect.

9. I will never resist a proposal because I didn’t think of it, won’t get the credit for it, won’t personally benefit from it, or may not live to see and enjoy it.

10. I will never quit because I’ve reached the end of the rope. I will tie a knot and hang on!

Go, Go, Go…

Dan 🙂