Never take yourself too seriously…

If you are irritated by every rub, how will your mirror be polished?”   Rumi

I was riding with my friend yesterday doing some shopping for my son’s office.  I am getting over a respiratory infection and I was sniffling a bit.  I ran out of tissues and it was bothering me because I do not like to be rude.  I said to Stacy, “hey I am sorry I am sniffling so much I do not have any more tissues, I get irritated when other people do not blow their nose and here I am doing it!”  Stacy replied, “well I don’t get irritated so don’t worry about it.”  She then said, “my mom is always complaining about sounds people make, especially me if I am eating something crunchy. ”  Stacy said, “I do not get impatient with others because I do not like it when my mom gets impatient with me!”

Well now what a concept!  I had to rethink my little pet-peeves about the sniffling!  I thought about it a bit and I must be honest, there have been times that I have given folks a tissue, politely of course!  Yet inside it was driving me crazy!  For some reason I can hear the fellow clearing his throat and nasal passages across the room in a 5,000 seat arena!  Of course once I hear it I have made it a point to let others with me hear it as well by pointing it out to them!  They love that because they hadn’t heard it until I pointed it out.

So, what is the point, besides me being a PITA (Pain In The Anatomy) to my friends?  I often think of the major challenges in life that help to define and shape me in recovery.  Yet, it is the little things in our daily lives that often shape us.  It is how I react to the shoe lace breaking, or the waitress spilling my soda on the table, or bringing me the wrong order!  I must admit I have regretfully acted less than what I expect from others in restaurants in the past.  However, it is not what I have done that matters today it is what I do today that matters!

Go, Go, Go…

Dan 🙂