N is for Never Quit

Never, never, never Quit.  Winston Churchill

My mantra through the years has been “Never Quit”.  If I am not a walking testament to perseverance you have never met one!  From day one of my life.  I was born with no hard palate and a bi-uvula.  I have had several surgeries in my recovered years and every pre-surgery screening brings with it the same comments by the Doctors.  How did you ever learn to speak clearly?

I have been through tragedy after tragedy.  Financial ruin, financial gain to financial ruin and on and on!  Divorced and divorcing!  In my first 5 years of recovery the economy was terrible.  I was working for the Federal Government, I was offered a job with huge potential, completed all the steps and was set to start.  I gave notice to Uncle Sam in December was set to start the new job in January and they implemented a hiring freeze!  Now I was left with no work, again!

I have put myself in terrible situations of my own accord.  But nothing and I mean nothing can get me to quit on life!  I love life, the recovered life.  I am grateful today for the “Never Quit” attitude I developed from my birth!

Go, Go, Go…

Dan 🙂