I met my lovely wife in 2007 in the Republic of Panama, Central America. She did not speak English and my Spanish was at a third-grade level, I could communicate but could not conjugate a verb for the life of me. Be that as it may, the first night we met we had a blast. We had dinner, went to the casino and played Blackjack, and then to a Latino night club to dance, well if you want to call what I do as dancing!

At the end of the night, we agreed to meet again at a barbeque her friend that introduced us was having the next day. I got caught up and could not make the event. We stayed in touch and a couple of weeks later I asked her to visit me at my home. It was a one hour flight to the city I lived in. We spent the weekend together and on Sunday about an hour before she was to get back on her flight, I asked her to stay a couple more days. She said, “I have to work tomorrow, I need to call my boss!” I was like please call him! Lol…

On Wednesday, I said, “Hey, what time is your flight?” She looked at me perplexed and responded, “I told you I had to call my boss, I do not need to go back.” I asked what she meant, she said, “if you do not go to work you do not have a job, I told you I had to call them, I do not have a job anymore!” “Oh,” I replied. We have been together ever since!

With that said, should I ever expect that that would be the last of miscommunication? Not a chance! If I told you all of the stories, many hysterical, about miscommunication I would be writing a book! One day, our son Julian was at our house with friends. Diana and I were talking and one friend said to him, “what did he just say to your mom?” Julian, responded, “I have no idea, they have their own language that can not be interpreted. He even uses her lisp when they talk!”

The language of love!