Keep Hope Alive

We are all worthy of great reward in life.  No matter how we have failed and no matter how many times we have failed we are always worthy.  Surely, a case can be made against the psychopath or the apathetic folks of our society.  But most of us do not fit into that category.  Many of us in recovery use the bad stuff against ourselves in a big way.  We allow it to steal our hope and without hope what do we have?

We must remain hopeful in the recovered life.  We surely must make radical change in fact the original Oxford Group believed the way to recovery is:  Surrender your life to God, take a moral inventory; confess your sins to God and another human being; make restitution; give of yourself to others with no demand for return; pray to God for help to carry out these principles” (Lois Remembers, 1979, page 92).  This is the basis of the 12 steps.

Yet we must keep hope alive, if we live these principles and look forward to enjoying everyday life hope will drive us.  Life is meant to be enjoyed and not to be endured.  Hope is essential to enjoy life!  Keep hope alive!

Go, Go, Go…

Dan 🙂