Into Action Treatment Center

The rehabilitation from alcohol and drug dependence for individuals afflicted has been around for well over a century here in the United States. Of course the challenge of alcoholism and addiction has been plaguing mankind for much longer than that however, rehabilitation as it is today has revolved and evolved from a religious perspective, to a legal action i.e. “the Drunk Tank” to psychological interventions including institutionalization.

The trend for the past several decades or so has been recovery via mutual support groups. It is in the spirit of the Twelve-Step approach and more specifically the “Big Book” of Alcoholics Anonymous that Andrey Rossin founded the “Into Action Treatment Center” located in Boynton Beach Florida, the heart of “Treatment” of the East Coast. Into Action is a small intimate recovery center that has gained unprecedented valuable support from local members of Twelve-Step mutual support groups.

This support includes mentorship, sponsorship and assistance for each participant through their Fifth Step and their recovery foundation. Additionally, Into Action has a multi-disciplinary therapeutic team of professionals providing individual therapy, group therapy, educational support and other ancillary treatment protocols utilized today in successful treatment centers across the country.

If you are seeking treatment and want “hands-on” recovery experience coupled with the finest therapeutic care offered today, “Into Action Treatment Center” is the place for lasting positive recovery.

Go, Go, Go…

Dan 🙂