If I Would Have Known… I Would Not Have Grown…

Recently, I spoke with a group of folks in Panama City.  I was sharing about some recent obstacles that I had overcome.  One gentleman asked me how I had the power to go through all of that and still have a positive mental attitude?

Later that night I was rehashing my days events.  I thought to myself, if I had only known what I was headed for before I made mistakes, I would have….  But then I thought, mistakes offer me the ability to make adjustments in my future actions.   It is human to make mistakes.  It is abusive to use those mistakes against yourself.
I have found that there are two distinct sets of circumstances surrounding poor choices.  Choices we make with good intentions that just don’t work out and those that we make that were selfishly based.
For those of you battling your moral conscience.  Years ago I was telling two of my favorite friends Diane and Caroline, that I had really screwed something up and that I was doubting my integrity.  I was questioning my intentions.  Caroline made the most profound statement I had ever heard at the time.  She said, Dan, everyone of us has contradictions in our lives.  Wow, I thought to myself, here I am with two of the most integrity based people that I know on the planet and they too have made poor choices and doubted their intentions!  That event was an emotional release for me.
If your journey has you in turmoil know that you and only you can turn it around.  That is a fact.  Change the way you think about the issue and I promise, you will change the way you feel. When you change the way you feel, you will attract more of what you feel.
The long and short of it, know and then grow….
Happy growing,