I Pray… by a Mom

I Will Pray

I will pray when I’m weary, I will pray when I’m weak

I will pray when there are no words left to speak.

I will pray that tomorrow will bring me less pain,

I will pray that my child I will see once again.

For those unanswered phone calls, texts and IM’s,

And the terror that strikes when I hear the sirens;

For the doorbell that rings in the wee hours of morn,

While that path in the carpet is being worn;

For the hours and hours of sleepless nights

And the unforgettably painful sights;

For the lies and the stories and frightful scares

And those who “befriend” him and pretend to care;

For the promises told day after day,

And when he is begging, “Please let me stay”,

To end this, and more,

For this I will pray

I plead and I beg that God spare his life,

I cry and I wonder why we’ve been given this strife.

My chest will not move; I no longer can breathe,

My stomach though empty, revolts as I heave.

I can’t stop the pounding, the pain in my head,

The tears that keep streaming, and soak into my bed

When will it end?

Will it ever?

It seems like certainly, the answer is never.

When I feel as though I am empty inside

It’s only in God that I dare to confide.

To whom do I turn when I have nothing left?

I ask for God’s love; please don’t leave me bereft.

It’s strength that I need to continue to live

And that’s when I realize; I gain strength when I give.

For other Moms, Dads, Siblings and the rest

My heart beats in sync, as they do their best.

Their loved ones are missing or hurting or gone,

They too are afraid to embrace each new dawn.

For the terror of facing your child’s last day,

To end this and more,

For this I will pray

For his eyes to be opened, along with his heart,

For him to feel God’s Love, and know this is the start,

For joy, compassion, serenity to soar,

Let him realize he has only to walk through that door,

For the beauty, the kindness in his heart held so dear,

For the scared little boy inside filled with fear,

For the wonder, the peace, the journey ahead

And ending his terror, pain and the dread;

For all of the good that lies there in wait

May the bubble be burst, and extinguish the hate.

While there truly is nothing a parent can say

But please let him to know

For him I will pray

By Susan M.
25 May 2011