Happy Memorial Day

Take the time today to reflect on what Memorial is for and then go have some fun.  Surely we all recognize that having the first three day weekend of the summer is a great thing.  The start of some warm weather for the Northerners, an extra day to hit the beach for the folks in the south and a barbecue day for the other inland folks.  Whatever the case may be today is Memorial Day.  Memorial Day is a holiday in which we remember our fallen heroes of the Armed Forces that have laid down their lives for our freedom.

Today we remember them, we say thank you and we pray for the folks that are still in harms way for us.  No matter what your political affiliation or belief on war is, these men and women have laid down their lives for you and me.  They continue to do so as well.  Today we thank you and pray for you and your families!

Have a great day, enjoy yourself, drive clean and sober and remember our fallen heroes!

Go, Go, Go…

Dan 🙂