Growing? or Dying? Stagnation stinks…

But even after 30 years of playing, Peart had enough humility to begin again at square one and re–learn his instrument from the ground up. — Perry Marshall on Neil Peart

Be a student of life! They say if you are not growing you are dying! This morning I was reading an article by Perry Marshall on coaching. I often point out to people the advantage those of us in the recovery community have. The idea of sponsorship as a lifelong way, puts us light years ahead of our counterparts in this world. We must always be growing and a sponsor, mentor or spiritual advisor will help us in that process.

Neil Peart is the drummer for the legendary Canadian band Rush, he is regarded as one of if not the premiere drummer in the history of rock and roll music. Peart however is unique in that he has mastered his craft but was not willing to rest on his laurels. He made the decision that he wanted to take his skills up a notch or more. So he hired a master to coach him. Imagine arguably the greatest drummer that has ever lived, seeking a coach!

He hired Freddie Gruber a Jazz great on par with the greatest legends of all time in any genre of music. The first thing Freddie did was take Neil back through the basics. How to hold the sticks! In fact, he let Peart know he was holding the sticks incorrectly! Imagine the humility it took to accept this critique and continue on!

The question is, do you remain humble? Are you willing to keep learning? Growing? Accepting critique? I must admit through the years I have fluctuated in my resolve, looking back, when I have, I pay for it! Life is way too good to allow any day to go by in stagnancy!


Go, Go, Go…

Dan 🙂