Goals are Easy for an Addict, Linda Simmon, C.Ht.

You may be screaming No, right now, but it is the truth; goals are easy when you are an addict and I will explain why.  First goal, get your drug of choice; second goal, do your first hit or bump or take your first drink; third goal, get high.  Then sometimes a fourth goal, play out the fantasy that runs in your head.  Later on, of course, there is another goal, recover enough to do whatever it is you need to do next.  Whether it is go to work or school, meet family or friends, or even if it is just to go out again and get more drugs so that you can start the cycle all over again, you have to be recovered enough to make the calls and drive or whatever.

These goals pretty much always remain the same and that makes them familiar and comfortable.

In the world that exists outside the addict’s limited world, goals are not that easy.  First of all, sometimes it is hard to even know what it is you really, personally, want.  That may seem silly, but the truth is there are many people out there who don’t know what they want.  Sometimes it’s because they just gotten out of a bad relationship and are somewhat shell shocked.  Sometimes it’s because they’ve been using alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex or whatever their addiction is for so long and that’s been their goal for so long that they’ve forgotten how to want anything else.  Sometimes it’s because they’ve been told what they want by someone else for so long that they forget how to think.  Sometimes it’s because they’ve made their goal the goal of another person.  For example, the wife who’s goal is and always has been to help her husband get a promotion or succeed at his job.  There’s many, many reasons why so many of us don’t actually know what we want.

This, though, can be fixed.  When you clear away the build up of trash you’ve been carrying around in your subconscious and you mute the chatter and recording that play incessantly in your head, you can give yourself the opportunity of learning again what you love, what you want, and what gives you that spark of excitement for real.

Sometimes all it takes is a small shift in energy, thinking and awareness to transform not only your health and your life, but also the health and lives of those around you.  It is your consciousness (and even more so, your subconscious) that hold the key to your well being.  Hypnotherapy is a key that can unlock your subconscious and reveal the answers you seek.

Linda Simmon, C.Ht.

Linda Simmon, C.Ht., is a highly sought after consultant, hypnotherapist, life coach, speaker and a graduate of The Hypnosis Motivation Institute, the first nationally accredited school for hypnotherapy in the United States and the creator of New Beginnings dedicated to helping people everywhere get a new beginning by helping them break through barriers that are holding them back and helping them transform their lives.