Drug and Alcohol Rehab Program

I continue to be asked what is The Last Resort Panama, Panama’s Premiere Recovery Center? It is my privilege to share with you some highlights about what we offer here at The Last Resort Panama’s “Real Life Rehab” Program. Chiriqui Panama is arguably one of the most exotic environment’s imaginable. Recognized for aesthetic beauty and spiritual qualities, it is truly a wondrous place for recovery. It is this serene and tropical environment, which permits a clear focus on the work that we help our participants to address.

Within this environment, The Last Resort Panama is distinctive for its comprehensive program and our exceptional teamwork. Through a variety of traditional and nontraditional methods, we provide an opportunity for recovery, and to gain clarity as to what is most meaningful in an individual’s life.

Up until now the resort style recovery center has been reserved for the elite. I consider The Last Resort Panama the perfect conduit for recovery. It is my belief that the unconditional support, compassion and love provided here at The Last Resort Panama will assist a participant in transforming pain and fear into hope and self-love.

What is “Real Life Rehab”? It is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program designed to offer the participant a safe, affordable, path into the recovery process. The program itinerary is 90 days, however, we are aware that for some folks 90 days away from everyday life would place a terrible strain on their family or employment responsibilities. For these folks a 28-day and a 28-day with a 60-day intensive aftercare programs are available.

The basis for “Real Life Rehab” is building the recovery foundation, “rehabilitation” in a natural environment. The Last Resort Panama operates as a unique social model of treatment. Guests at the center participate in normal activities and learn as they go. Individual therapy may be done swimming, shooting the basketball, or any other activity on an individual basis with a licensed professional.

During the stay at The Last Resort Panama a participant will receive a thorough dental exam, at no expense to the guest. We believe that many individuals in the throws of addiction fail to take care of their teeth. Fees for additional dental services are extremely inexpensive and available by choice. A participant will receive a thorough medical exam as well. Chiropractic services and massage therapy are available at no additional cost to the guest as well.

There are four phases of “Real Life Rehab”:

1) Admission, the process an individual applies to admit that they want to change.
2) Set a clear path for recovery.
3) Clean out the dirty laundry.
4) Focus, Forgive and Fulfill.

These stages are implemented via various strategies, techniques, and activities. When a participant arrives at the center they will edit and direct a short music video of their life and feelings. Prior to their return home they will complete a new video with their new outlook on life! Educational and vocational strategies are addressed as well. Activities include team building activities, exploratory trips to places like coffee plantations, Volcan Baru and the cloud forest in Boquete, the hot springs of Caldera, or a day surfing or learning to surf and much more. Sundays at the beach, pool, canyon dive and or river swims.

These activities are all treatment based and not a vacation away as much as it may seem to the untrained eye. Living life on life’s terms is not a statement of endurance. We believe that life is to be enjoyed and not endured. We are discussing enjoyment on a spiritual level and not a hedonistic idea of pleasure. Learning how to enjoy the challenges and decisions that an individual will make in their life is a skill set.

A guest at The Last Resort can expect quality service and professional recovery support. The center is small in comparison to traditional drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers. Therefore, our professional addictions facilitators carry small caseloads. With a maximum of 10 guests at the center a guest can expect an enormous amount of individual care. Relationships play an important role in the recovery process. The relationships built at the center may continue indefinitely! A participant at The Last Resort becomes part of a healthy family.

It is our Mission to serve individuals and their families afflicted with addiction. We encourage spousal participation when reasonably appropriate. Our family centered approach allows a couple to participate in the recovery process together, yet, allowing the necessary space to address the individual addictive and dysfunctional aspects of recovery as well.

My commitment to you is that you can count on a compassionate team of highly skilled professional staff working with you or your loved one. It is our intention to find a recovery path that works for the participant and to strive toward establishing a direction plan that will support an extraordinary life. No one deserves to live in pain or despair. The Last Resort Panama’s “Real Life Rehab” Program is here to guide and support the journey of recovery.

Thank you and be well,

Daniel Callahan, LMSW