Did you skip Starbucks?

I am not a huge fan of “Sixbucks” I mean Starbucks, but honestly some of their products are good.  But I love to joke with the folks that walk into the office with their cup of “Liquid Gold”!  So what am I talking about with skipping a cup of coffee?  On Monday we asked folks on Facebook to skip a cup of coffee and help out a ministry that is heading towards Southwest Florida to help us kickoff “Recoverlution”.  Here are a few points to ponder, first I cannot tell you how often I have heard people say to me (I have said this was as well), when they see a “panhandler” begging for a meal, “he does not want a meal he wants to buy booze”.  “I will buy him a meal but I will not give him money!”

Is that you?  Well here is your opportunity, $5 will go a long way to help folks like this and others to not only have a meal, but recover from addiction and other challenges, begin to learn how to fend for themselves.  Now I am not suggesting that only “panhandlers” in Southwest Florida will be served.  I am also keenly aware that many do better financially with a can in their hands than other segments of the population we serve do.

I did get a private response from a FB friend that said “hey sorry but I don’t “do” church”,  Well that is not the point we are not doing church, we are bringing awareness to the community, we are helping to bridge the gaps that exist, we have a long term goal of bringing all of the recovery communities and services into an awareness that none of us are perfect!  We are a group of people that do what we do because we love to do it.  Sending $5 to help the cause is needed, in fact I personally sent this request to over 3,000 people and this is the second post I have done here.  If everyone sent $5 we would have more then we need.  If that happened to be the case the additional money would be utilized prudently to help bring recovery to many more people.

Please do not take this lightly, take a minute pop a check to Hope Wesleyan Church, 4445 17th Court SW.  Naples Florida 34116.   Please help.

Go, Go, Go…

Dan 🙂

PS please do not take me poking fun at Starbucks as a slight to them.  One thing I know is that Starbucks does quite a bit of good for folks in the community as well.