Change is positive

“Above all, don’t fear difficult moments. The best comes from them.” Rita Levi-Montalcini

I recently read these statistics in regards to the attitude of change.  There are five attitudes towards change:

  1. Early innovators (2.6%), These are the people that run with new ideas.
  2. Early adaptors (13.4%), They are influenced by the early innovators but not initiators of new ideas.
  3. Slow Majority (34%), They are the herd-followers, moo-oooo  they jump on board for the next best thing!
  4. Reluctant Majority (34%), They may follow but it is gonna take a while.
  5. Antagonistic (16%), They will never change, they are the folks that walked to school with no shoes up-hill both ways!  In the self help movement you hear, “when I was coming around…”

Where do these numbers come from?  Do they sound about right?  Well they were published in the early 1900’s by the clerk of Abbington Presbytery, Pennsylvania a suburb of Philadelphia, Pa.  I have heard it said, somethings never change.  I remember the numbers given by Earl Nightingale in “The Strangest Secret” produced in the 1950’s.  Out of 100 people at the age of 65 only one will be wealthy, 4 will be ok, the rest will be either broke or still working and not because they want to work, because they must work!

The hand writing is on the wall.  If you want what others have do what they do.  Now if you follow the masses guess what you get?  Exactly what the masses have.  It amazes me to sit and listen to some people complain about the economy, the government, corporations, you name it, but they do nothing to improve there situation.  There is a law not a principle but a law that says you reap what you sow.  You “get what you give” my buddy Tucker says.  Recovery is about change, change in all areas of your life.  What you put into it is exactly what you will get.  Do not allow yourself to settle for mediocrity in any area of your life.  Do not be afraid, be an innovator!  Go for it!

Go, Go, Go…

Dan 🙂