Change Happens!

Someday we may be as grateful for the bad things as the good things, because the bad things helped prepare us for the good things.  Mark Batterson.

I am reading a wonderful book by Mark Batterson, ” In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day”. Honestly, in the past I have found myself in the throws of challenges and pray to God for His help to get me “out” of the situation or through it quickly and easily.  What I have learned through the years is what Mark discusses when he says “we should stop asking God to get us out of difficult circumstances and start asking Him what He wants us to get out of those difficult circumstances”.  This is a shift in our thinking that is difficult to comprehend and put into action.  However, it is possible and when we begin to implement this shift we start to see our challenges in a different light.

As I look back the major challenges I have faced such as substance abuse, alcoholism and prison have all become major positives in my life.  They have all helped to shape my vocation and how I think.  I am grateful for the self help and self improvement groups and tools I have learned and developed over the years.  I look at these aspects of my life and give thanks to God for them.  I believe that I have an advantage over the other professionals in my field.  I have an advantage in life and how I deal with life.  Today I was with a friend from church.  We were in the auto parts store and they had a challenge with their computer system.  When we left my friend said, “I do not know how you do it, you seem calm in all things.  Nothing rattles you”.  Well that is not completely true however I will say that I do not rattle easily.  That is a huge change in my life.  Today I thank God for recovery, I thank Him for coming into my life and helping to change my outlook and skills.  God is good.

Go, Go, Go…

Dan 🙂