Chance to Start Over

I was chasing my dreams with every drink that went down… But I never got past the edge of my bed…  Till I finally gave up the fight, sweet surrender gave me back my Life!  –Sonia Lee

Yesterday I received a wonderful gift from Sonia Lee.  Sonia is a recovered folk musician/artist in Nashville Tennessee.  She sent me a copy of her newest CD titled, “Chance to Start Over”.  What an awesome record I must say.  The album is filled with inspiration, hope and the recovery journey.  I highly recommend you invest in a copy of this Spirtual Masterpiece.  You can find it here at in the best selling section!  You can also visit Sonia’s site at please enjoy!

Traditionally December 31 into January one we all stop and take a look back at our year, our progress, our success and of course our failure.  But we all look forward to the new year with a “Chance to Start Over”!  A re-do!  A Mulligan for the golfer!  It is a great time of year to start anew, a fresh start!  Take some time and thank God for the wonderful blessing we call life and make the adjustments, the commitments to your life and make it happen!  Have a Happy New Year!

Go, Go, Go…

Dan 🙂