C for Callahan

The letter “C” in my gratitude list stands for Callahan, the name that I carry.  I am honored to carry the name Callahan, my grandfather “Jack” was a proud man.  He and my dad always stressed keeping the name clean.  I never knew why as a kid but today for many reasons a name that we are proud of is of the utmost importance.  With three son’s of my own I pass the name on with pride.

I am proud of my family history.  My grandfather was a volunteer firefighter in Lindenhurst, New York, my father has carried that torch as well.  My father has volunteered over 50 years in the fire department, my brother was recently honored for his 20 years as well.  Today there is no doubt that I am a helper in the world because of my family and their pride in their name!  I am grateful to be a Callahan!