Blue Skies…

‏ A grey sky is actually a blue sky covered up by grey clouds. A guilty person is actually an innocent soul covered up by mistaken behavior.  — Marianne Williamson

Blue skies smiling at me… I have no idea who sings that but it popped in my head as it often does. When people ask me, “how is it going”? I like to respond positively, “if it got any better I would think the deck was stacked in my favor”, “or “funny you asked I just pinched myself to see if it was real”… I always get a favorable response or at worst they say, “wow I wish it was the same for me”. Of course I always respond, it can be just believe it is!

I would love to report to you that all is perfect in my neck of the woods however, I can report what an old friend used to say, “All is well, All the time”! Last week I had a few fiscal challenges that I needed to address. When I got on the phone the representative was polite as I was with her as well and of course she asked me how I was. I responded as usual “awesome…” she giggled and commended me for the great attitude. Although I was paying late and to be frank a bit stressed she was amazed at my humor and good cheer. I did my best to keep it that way for the entire conversation.

I learned a long time ago that people do not want to hear our tale of woe. In fact we don’t want to hear our own tale of woe. We want to be happy, joyful and vibrant. Every moment we waste on worry and looking at the grey sky we lose for ever. We need to remember that under the grey is a bright shiny blue shy! Life is good!

Go, Go, Go…

Dan 🙂