Aversive Prevention

I was recently asked for the treatment protocol for “Hangovers”. I guess during the holiday season people need to know how to combat this ancient malady. It has been many years, decades in fact that I have considered returning to drunkeness. The cure for the hangover was clear very early on in my recovery, abstinence.

However, when the thought emerged to drink here is what I would do; I would drive to the ATM take out as much cash as I could from the machine, write a check for more, and then return to my home. I would crumble all of my money and toss it into the toilet and flush! Then I would gorge my self with the food I hated the most usually fish sticks till I would vomit all over myself. Defecate and urinate in my pants, lay on the bathroom floor with the heat at the highest levels possible after slamming my head on the floor to replicate the wonderful feeling of solace I would have the morning after…

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

Dan 🙂