Attraction Stones

My whole life I had the inner desire to “Be Somebody”. I wanted to make a difference in the world. In the 4th grade things started to really go downhill for me. Ten years of age and I had already begun the process of giving up and I did not even know it. By the time I was in Junior High School, smoking marijuana had begun. Partying on the weekends had spilled over to “blowing a joint” before class. No need to expand upon the specifics but you can imagine the progression from there.

In 1980 I began the process of life-long recovery. It was in that process that I was first introduced to carrying around a reminder in my pocket about my focus in life. I carried a poker chip with a quarter taped on the back. The chip was to remind me of my choice to live a life free of all foreign substances. The quarter was there just in case I felt I could not do it any longer. I could tear the quarter off and call a friend for support (No cell Phones then).

I thought that education would be the answer to achieving my goal to be someone special. My goals at the time did not include building personal wealth. By 1990 money began to become an issue. I remember one day I was driving with my wife and I said to her, “If I could only make $1,000 a week everything would be OK”. Her response was the beginning of my desire to build wealth, she said, “$1,000 a week? That’s it?” I was raised in a family that focused on paying your bills and being the best human being you could be that was the standard. This concept of building wealth was new to me.

Sometime in the mid-90’s my wife came home from a spiritual retreat with a gift for me. It was an “Integrity Stone” and she had a “Gratitude Rock” for herself. We carried those around with us for years. Every time I touched that stone it reminded me of my goals and my commitment to integrity.

My pursuit of creating wealth began with advancing my education, I returned to college to attain my undergraduate degree. That produced more income but not enough to ever acquire any real wealth. I thought an advanced degree would be the answer. I was wrong again!

In 1998 I was introduced to a network marketing company. The folks in that company were positive, grateful and caring people. They encouraged me to read self-development books and work on “my thinking”. In 2001 I won a company incentive trip to the “Grand Wailea” in Maui Hawaii. It was there that I was given a stone in a restaurant at the top of the resort. It was a blue sapphire looking stone. It came with a card that outlined the “majestic” powers that were bestowed upon anyone that possessed the stone. Hey it was free! But I carried that stone for quite sometime.

In 2006 I came across the DVD “The Secret” the comprehensive video on the law of attraction. It came at a low point in my life physically, mentally, spiritually and financially. Wow it brought together everything I had learned in my quest for self-development. I watched the video every day for a month, and then a few times a week for quite some time thereafter. I had short pauses in my viewing because I would give my copy away to some one in need!

Three features offered my “aha” moments. I had made “vision boards” in the past. But they never seemed to materialize anything of real substance in my life. However, during the segment with John Assarf and his son I found myself overwhelmed and weeping. I just knew that my life had hit the turning point I had only dreamed of. Within a year I had attained most of the things I had placed on that board.

The second feature that stood out for me was the suggestion to take my bank statement and white out the old values and place in the values I wanted in the account. I did exactly that I had three separate bank accounts at different banks. None of them with any money other than put and take cash in them. So I used the statement from the bank I rarely utilized and stroked my pen to show a $100,000 balance. Low and behold, in that exact bank in less than one year there was more than that amount.

The third feature that stood out for me was the segment on the “Gratitude Rock”. My experience utilizing stones and coins in the past reinforced my belief that this was a great idea for me to stay focused on the right things! That is exactly what I did as well.

In October 2007 we had just purchased a couple of acres of beachfront property on Isla Boca Brava. A small island on the Pacific “Gold Coast” of Panama, in the Province of Chiriqui. One day I was on the beach getting ready to take a swim in the incredibly warm pristine waters of the Gulf of Chiriqui. As I was walking down the path that leads to my beach an Indigenous gentleman approached me with a friendly greeting. Quite frankly, this was not something that I had come to expect from an Indigenous fellow. Typically the Indigenous folks keep to them selves. They rarely converse with the Panamanian people let alone an American. Yet with my broken Spanish we conversed for a brief time. He reached down and picked up a small stone off the beach. He handed the stone to me as a gift and briefly explained the “Majestic Nature” of the stones from the beach. These “Attraction Stones” are the answer to your quest in all of the areas of your life.

I carry this attraction stone with me for a higher purpose today. Somewhere in my thinking I began to mistake the acquisition of wealth as the goal. My priorities began to be the pursuit of things rather than living balanced.

There is a lot that I have learned from my experience here in Panama. Panamanian people are some of the happiest people on the planet. Panama has a ranking of #5 out of 178 Countries. The Panamanian government posted a second straight year of fiscal surplus. Prudence, happiness, and a strong Spiritual belief and values are the cornerstones of Panamanian life. These “Attraction Stones” remind me to embrace the Panamanian “Majestic Nature”.

Be Blessed,