Adolescent Treatment update…

I wrote an article on Adolescent treatment yesterday and received two personal email messages. The first writer felt I was a bit crazy with my desire to have my child only with other teens that were in treatment for the first time. Here is what he wrote:

“But more importantly, I want to make sure that every participant is in rehab for their first time. Yes, every kid must be there for their first stint in rehab. The last thing I want to do is send my child into a negative learning environment. I want my son or daughter to have the best environment and a positive culture for healing. Knowing that the people that have been in rehab multiple times are more likely to disturb the environment and bring the mentality of the drug culture to my child, I prefer to have a group of kids together that have never experienced rehab in the past. This is simply my personal preference.

What ??????????????????? you are kidding right?

The second message I received came from a gentleman that felt so strongly about these same issues that he set up a recovery program that addresses each of the issues that I raised. Here is what he said:

Dear Daniel,

A friend sent over your post on adolescent treatment. It is a great article and I agree with all points!
And that is the reason that I developed Newport Academy back in 2008!

Where are you located?
I’d love to show you our treatment center and the way in which we work.



Jamison is the founder of Newport Academy a center I am familiar with however to be honest I was not completely informed on their total protocol. I have seen Jamison on Fox News as an expert in the field of addiction. I knew that Newport Academy is a reputable and state of the art facility and I am a bit embarrassed to say that I did not realize they fit the criteria I laid out in the ideal adolescent treatment program article. So my apologies to the staff and in the same breath I want to congratulate Jamison and team for the foresight, Vision and fulfillment of the mission to eradicate youth chemical dependency at Newport Academy.

I sent Jamison a note and thanked him and his staff for pointing this out to me but more importantly for the commitment to do what is in the best interest of our children. None of us wants to see our kids afflicted with this heinous malady.  Let alone when they do take responsibility to get well that during their treatment only have their addiction increase in severity due to an uncontrolled negative culture! None of us want to see our children immersed in the cycle of the “merry-go-round of rehab”!  We want our children to get the best possible care, guidance and support and the Newport Academy is exactly that! Thank you Jamison and staff!

If you would like to contact Newport Academy  Click Here!

Life is good!

Go, Go, Go…

Dan 🙂