“It is not what we get, but who we become, what we contribute… that gives meaning to our lives.” – Anthony Robbins

In the movies it is 300 but here today we celebrate 400 Blogs!  I try to write every day and I usually do, but I am not only writing this Blog.  I have a Blog I write in another industry, I write for school, I write for web sites we are building and for my journal.  But I write this Blog as a gift, a return to whomever reads it that recovery works!  There are times I must admit that I look back and think, “how did I get through some of the challenges sober”?  When I was active I drank for fun and for pain!  I did not need a reason to drink!  Today I honestly do not think about drinking I enjoy partying alcohol free of course but wrecking my life does not play into the picture!  That is a gift.

Life is good, actually life is great today.  Although I mess up more than I care to admit I find so much joy in living life today.  Yesterday, Seamus my 14 year old son broke his wrist skateboarding.  He was a trooper and had it reset.  When we were talking about the experience he did not flinch, as soon as he is cleared he will be back on his board.  Liam is in his senior year in high school we are going to visit three schools during Columbus Day break.  My daughter Kristin is expecting her first child in December.  My son Sean has a successful career and business, Web Site Consultants.

Life is good, I hope the next 400 Blogs are inspiring to the many folks without hope today.  Recovery Rocks!

Go, Go, Go…

Dan 🙂