To consciously manifest life joyously in the present! Aloha I do not remember the show I was watching but a few months back I heard the actor make this statement.  I thought, “wow that is wonderful, I want to write about that.”  So I jotted it in my notes and well, today is the day.  … Read more


Unless you have gone through school with the Common Core system you probably remember the “Multiplication” tables.  We needed to memorize those tables and had better learn some shortcuts and not with our fingers to assist in the process.  I recently saw a “gif” of the multiples of “10,” it went like this: 10 x … Read more

A colleague recently asked me: “What prompted you to enter behavioral health/social work?”

My response, “My family impressed upon me the need in our lives for community service. Helping others is essential aspect of our lives. Community and family are one!” He responded, “So it was really an internal/natural desire to help people, right?” Me, “Yes coupled with our family belief system.” We live in a complicated world, … Read more

The Stigma Fallacy

I have read the articles, heard the narrative, and it goes like this. We would never blame a patient with a serious medical condition for their condition the way we blame the addict or alcoholic for addiction or alcoholism. Or would we? How about a diabetic with a sugar relapse, or an overweight smoker after … Read more